Friday, July 10, 2015

Introducing Hawkular Alerts!

We're happy to introduce the new Hawkular Alerts project!  For those familiar with the RHQ Project you know it has fairly powerful alerting capabilities.  Using what we learned in RHQ as a starting point we're building an alerting project that goes above and beyond what RHQ offered, and does it in a way that can be consumed by other projects, like yours!

Hawkular Alerts is one component of the new Monitoring project, Hawkular, which is also cool, starting to take shape, and is something that you should check out.

The Hawkular Alerts engine is built on JBoss Drools for fast, scalable alerting.  But you don't have to be a rules expert to use it.  Some of what Hawkular Alerts gives you:

* Flexible, multi-condition Triggers.
* Powerful "Dampening" to control your alert firing rate .
* Simple Alert Life-cycle management.
* Automated Trigger disable and enable.
* Automated Alert Resolution by detecting the end of your alerting event.
* Pluggable Action and Notification capabilities to act on your alerts.
* Complete REST API for Definition and Execution.
* Optional standalone deployment or get added value with Hawkular Metrics or Hawkular.
* Multi-platform deployment as a J2EE WAR file on JBoss WildFly.

Hawkular Alerts is available on GitHub.

Hawkular Alerts is published for maven consumption on Nexus.

Hawkular Alerts chat on #Hawkular at

Hawkular Alerts discussion on the Hawkular developers mailing list.

Hawkular Alerts  Developer and REST API documentation at Hawkular.

The project is **NEW**!  We value your feedback, ideas and contributions!

Hawkular Alerts is open source, by us and for us, actively being developed at Red Hat.

Jay + Lucas

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